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We get asked often which of all the service we offer, is our absolute favorite? Although we love the fact that we offer so many services under one roof, there is a service that make our hearts leap for joy when we have the opportunity to work with a Client for it specifically. Sure, Wedding and Event Planning is always going to be the staple of what built this company and is the strong foundation we rely on, but it's unanimous Decor Concepts and Design is by far what makes us reach for those swatches and gets our wheel turning.

From the moment we meet with a client for a free initial consultation and we hear the words, "we need help with decor idea", we are boasting with excitement. After getting more information on the basics such as guest count, location, colors and overall feeling the client wants to project to their guests, we buckle down and get started. Using a questionnaire created exclusively by Essence of Events, LLC, we ask our Clients several questions to get to know them better on a personal level. From this we gain insight as to what the decor in their home may look like, what they like to do as a couple and if there was anything they collected as a child and so on. 

Reviewing all this information and a few more details on what they invision, we go to work making them a private Pinterest Board with all kinds of ideas that they can comment on as we move forward. As we sift through the ideas and photos, a stunning vision starts to appear. Once solidified with the Client, we can then began searching for the best prices in rentals, items and so on. Seeing the Decor Concepts and Design come to life the day of the wedding or event is like watching an artist finish a work of art. All the life that is brought into the event is a showcase of each an every Client and Couple. As you look around the room and see all the laughter and enjoyment of that special event, there is nothing that compares to seeing the smiles that were created because of paying close attention to the details and all the happiness that we were able to be a part of.

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2017-JULY Wedding Highlights

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The month of July was filled with so many great weddings! Congratulations to our July #EoeClientFamily2017

07.01.2017 Tram+Josh - Storybook Farm

07.04.2017 Stephanie+Rene Jr.

07.15.2017 Shannon+Joe - Seattle Little Water Cantina

07.22.2017 Aurea+James - Private Property Horseshoe Lake

07.29.2017 Angela+Jeremy - Private Property Snag Island (Lake Tapps)

Here are our top 8 favorite ideas and highlights:


We're seeing a rising trend and loving the simplicity of using garlands made of Ivy, salal, fern, ruscus and more for table centerpieces. Long tables are giving receptions a more relaxed feel and the use of wood tables allowed our couples to save on the cost of table linens. Cafe bulbs are being strung from across tables to zig zag patterns to provide an intimate feeling.


We just adored the idea of having local favors incorporated! One of our couples chose to fill mini mason jars with different flavors of coffee beans for guests as a little take away for those coming in from all over. Putting them on this vintage rolling bar added just the right touch to display the coffee favors.


This seems like it's going to be a smash! Cake smash that is. A few of our couples added this fun little feature to their wedding by setting out a jar for the Bride and a jar for the Groom with the intention of having guests go at it in an all out bidding war to vote on who they want to smash the cake in the others face. Whoever earns the most cash, gets to smash the cake in the others face during the cake cutting. Guests seemed to get a kick out of this and the couple walked away with some extra cash. Win, Win! Well except for the one getting the cake in the face but they seem to be good sports and happy to give their partner and guests some fun entertainment!


We are still loving the trend of using signs. Not only does it add a touch of decor to your wedding but it also helps inform guests of what's going on, directions on what to do or just making them feel welcome.


So in love with the idea of bouncy houses, games and other fun activities to keep kids busy if you plan on having them at your wedding. Most of the kids spent the entire time going down the blow up slide, swinging on swings, playing ring toss and tic-tac-toe and loved it! This freed up parents to enjoy the festivities while still being able to keep an eye on their children. We are going to recommend this in the future to any who are planning on including kids among their guests. This is a perfect way to include the little guests and make them feel a part of the wedding as well.


Incoporating simple touches like the hanging of these lanterns and setting out a few chairs or couches really seems to add to the comfort and level of decor for weddings. Ideas like this could also double as a backdrop for photos for guests or for the Bride and Groom, wedding party or family photos.


Another great idea we loved was of these simple benches for the seating for guests during the ceremony. It was so perfect on Horseshoe Lake overlooking the water. One of our couples had these custom doors made for use during the ceremony as their backdrop. Who wouldn't adore the charm of doors like these?! They were later moved to the tent entrance so the couple could enter through them as they were announced into the reception.


When our couple approached us about wanting a fun filled fiesta wedding, we were gung ho. So excited to do something a little different, we went in full force. From the mini pinatas and maracas, sarape runners, to the arbor with paper flowers and streamers, the banners, brick table numbers, everything played a part in making this couples vision a reality. Bright pops of colors and graphics really showed how fun this couple are. 

For wedding planning, more highlights on past and future weddings as well as other ideas on weddings and decor visit our website

A giant thank you to all the vendors we worked with this month and all of their hard work. 

Written by: Michelle Culp 2017 Copyright of Essence of Events, LLC

12 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

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12 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

For most couples today, they are busy with full time jobs or students in school and don't have the time to devote countless hours to what planning a wedding entails. It is important to them that they have support and guidance through the process because many of them don't know what to expect or what is expected of them when it comes to weddings.
Below are some main areas and reasons couples may want to consider using a wedding planner:

Enjoyment Throughout the Planning Process 

 Planning a wedding is often likened to purchasing a home or any other major life decision. There are so many details involved and it can be an emotional time. Hiring a Planner helps alleviate stress, worry, doubt and responsibility. This allows couples to enjoy the process, keeping their relationship first and for most and getting needed time to spend with family and friends to strengthen bonds before one of the most important days of their life.

Checklists and Timelines

 We see a lot of couples have no idea where to start or get to a certain point where they aren't sure what they're supposed to be doing. The most common is they become so overwhelmed and confused, they just put things on hold, resulting in a lack of any planning being done. Having a Planner to keep you on track with customized monthly checklists can be a life saver. Being able to focus on a few tasks a month, is less overwhelming and seemingly easy to accomplish. A Planner can assist in the creation of your detailed timeline, which is one of the single most important tasks, it allows everyone to know the timing of events as you want them to occur, who is responsible for what, songs, and more.

"To get the best outcome for your wedding it is essential that you have the best vendors to form a team on your big day."

Budget Development and Management

 Helping them stay in budget is important because one small purchase can offset in another area and result in difficulty booking the services or getting the items they actually need. Having a Planner to keep track of all the expenses and payment schedules, alleviates the stress off couples of remembering what they paid to whom and when their next payments need to be made.

Recommendations for Professional Vendors 

 This is possibly one of THE most important aspects of planning a wedding. To get the best outcome for your wedding it is essential that you have the best vendors to form a team on your big day. You are relying on their experience, knowledge and ability to perform services and fulfill contracts according to your vision and expectations.

Scheduling and Participation in Meetings and Appointments with Vendors 

 Planners can assist in coordinating the best times for meetings and appointments with vendors. Being present at the meetings and knowing what needs to be discussed or what information the vendors may need make for an easy discussion of details and a better understanding of what the couples vision is.

Asking Questions

 Never underestimate the power of simply asking. It can make or break a negotiation, contract, idea and can ensure there are no misunderstandings or miscommunication of what the couple will be receiving or should expect. Planners have experience in knowing the best questions to ask and which ones don't apply so they aid in the ability to make sure every aspect of the wedding is covered.

"Anytime you attach the word wedding to a product, it instantly increases. So having a Planner who knows what is fair and what is not fair is crucial to negotiating on pricing."

Communication and Documentation of Conversations and Decisions 

 Phone calls, records, where you left off in planning and more can be quickly referred to or cleared up, because a Planner will make notes and detail things couples or vendors talked about.

Negotiate and Review Contracts and Service Costs 

 Getting the best services for the best price can be difficult without knowledge of the industry standards and a having an interconnected relationship with the vendor. Anytime you attach the word wedding to a product, it instantly increases. So having a Planner who knows what is fair and what is not fair is crucial to negotiating on pricing. Contracts can often have terms in them that are difficult to understand, vague or can be excluded from the contract all together. Having a Planner by your side to review contracts can save you not only time, but also allow for flexibility with timing, services or fees.

Duties for Wedding Party and Family 

 Planners should have some form or worksheet to assist you in knowing what duties each member can perform. This makes it easier to plan ahead of time who is responsible for what and if there is anything that needs to be adjusted to make the day run smoother and wedding party or family to know what are their tasks to take care of.

Guest Accommodations 

 Family and friends travel from all over and it can be stressful to know where they're going to stay. To assist with this, Planners can arrange for a room block at one or two local hotels that are in the allocated budget the couple thinks would be best for their guests to pay. Deals can be made for these blocks so if a Planner has a connection with the hotel. They may have a better chance of getting your room block dropped down.

Alleviate stress, worry, doubt, responsibility

 One of the most difficult things about planning a wedding for a couple, is that it creates a lot of tension on their relationship if they are stressing over decisions that need to be made and dealing with deadlines. Planners can take on the burden of assisting in guiding the couple and offering advice to make the process more of a bonding experience than a reason for added worry. With the right Planner, they will know they have someone to mediate and reason on certain categories so the couple can better come to an agreement on a decision.

Day of Coordination 

 Planners are life savers when it comes to couples wedding days. They arrange setup times and know every detail of the day so that the couple, family and friends can enjoy spending time together. If a problem comes up, a Planner has the experience and knowledge of what best to do to stay true to what each couple envisioned for their wedding. Planners know what to expect, what is normal, what is not, what needs to be done to adjust for timing complications or lack of vendor services or inability to perform. They often have a network of vendors they can reach out to should a vendor not arrive. Planners organize the wedding party and coordinate with the vendors for the Ceremony and reception for events throughout the wedding. They ensure the right amount of tables are setup with the correct linens and decor items. When the wedding is completed they are there for tear down to make sure the couple goes home with what is theirs and that all vendors clean up their equipment and everyone is out safe and on-time.

Written by Michelle Culp of Essence of Events, LLC