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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why do I need a Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator?
  • We know what we want: do we still need a Planner to help?
  • I’m on a limited budget; can I still afford a Wedding or Event Planner?
  • What should I bring to my consultation when I meet my Event Planner?
  • What will be discussed with my Wedding or Event Planner at our Initial Consultation?
  • Should I bring anyone with me to my consultation when I meet with the Event Planner?
  • Where do you provide services?
Why do I need a Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator? 
Most events are planned with a budget in mind, but unfortunately 42% end up over budget. Essence of Events, LLC Wedding and Event Planners are highly qualified in budget development and management. We offer our clients services with a custom designed budget and assist with direction on management of the deposits, payments and balances. With the average wedding costs estimating just over $42,000, many want to be sure they spend it wisely. Essence of Events, LLC Wedding and Event Planners offer a wide range of services from financial counseling to giving advice on etiquette. 
Here are just a few things they can do for you:
  • Planning and Coordination 
  • Proficiency of your event using Checklists and Timelines. 
  • Creating and allocating your budget to get the maximum results. 
  • Event Design matched to your personal style and budget. 
  • Keeping you on track with deadlines on appointments, decisions, deposits, purchases and payments. 
  • Managing timelines and worksheets on: who, what, when, where and how. 
  • Vendor referral, cost and availability determined by your unique style and budget. 
  • On-going consultations and communication throughout the planning process.
  • Direction and leadership for your event with vendors, family and friends. 
  • Meetings and consultations during planning stages and with vendors. 
  • On-site coordination to ensure a stress free day. 


We know what we want: do we still need a Planner to help?
Whether you have little or all of your event planned out, you may still need help. Even if you have the best intentions, it can be difficult to find enough time to check out every venue, try every Caterer or listen to every DJ. There are hours and hours that our Wedding and Event Planners have devoted to research, worksheets, timelines, spreadsheets and vendor relationships that are guaranteed to save you both time and energy. There is so much that goes into planning an event and most do not have the experience or time needed to execute a successful event. Most of the time, we find our clients have reached a certain point, when they realize, how much time and work really goes into planning any event and feel stuck. There can be many overwhelming and time consuming aspects during the planning process. That’s where we come in, whether starting at the beginning or picking up where you left off, our Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators are here to take on the organization and management that goes into planning a memorable event. Essence of Events, LLC offers basic packages as well as custom pricing designed to accommodate any budget or services needed. 

I’m on a limited budget; can I still afford a Wedding or Event Planner?
Essence of Events, LLC has a variety of basic packages and prices specifically designed to suit any budget needs or concerns. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our packages, we can customize our services to your desired needs and within your budget allowance. We feel that we have a responsibility to every client, to customize to their individual needs. Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of services, within your budget requirements. We only require a deposit of 50% to hold your event date, with the option to do equal monthly payments thereafter. Everyone deserves the very best in services for a stress-free day, without forking over your life savings! 

What should I bring to my consultation when I meet my Event Planner?
Essence of Events, LLC Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators want to have the complete vision of what your overall vision and goal is, so we ask that you bring any pictures, notes, binders, planners, vendor contracts, or pinterest boards, etc. If you haven't started the planning process, not to worry, our qualified and experienced Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators will help get you started in the right direction!

What will be discussed with my Wedding or Event Planner at my Initial Consultation?

A Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator from Essence of Events, LLC will start with getting your specific event information and services needed. Next we will review your unique style, size and budget for your event. Following up with recommendations on services we offer that would best suit your specific desires. We offer a contract for review for services and pricing according to what has been discussed, if agreed upon. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of contract signing to hold your date for services. Balance to be paid either in equal payments or one lump sum, depending on terms agreed upon.

Should I bring anyone with me to my consultation when I meet with the Event Planner?

You have the choice to meet alone, bring your fiancé, business partner, committee, family member or friend. Whomever you chose, we think this is a great idea, especially if they are going to have a major part in the process of planning, support and/or budget. Of course, we understand schedules may contradict with the scheduled time, so whomever you chose may not be available for the initial consultation. 

Where do you provide services?

We know there are so many beautiful places to hold events, Our services extend to anywhere you are getting married or having an event. Some areas may incur travel or accommodation fees so be sure to discuss when booking.